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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Service Providers also referred as Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are groups of professionals, who provide Information Technology (IT) services to other companies, whose core business isn’t managing computers and other IT services, but they heavily rely on all IT related services in the back ground.

Managed IT

On Demand IT Services

Miracle Technologies Inc. also offers on demand services to the clients, who can’t afford monthly maintenance fees, but still require reliable and high quality IT support for emergencies and complex/critical projects. Miracle on demand services gives you access to our extremely reactive team with flexible services without signing.

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Cloud IT Solutions

Miracle Technologies Inc. has developed unique next generation Cloud Computing approach. Cloud Computing is now growing like never before, with organizations of all portfolios and magnitudes adapting to this new computing technology. Miracle Cloud Offers the promise of the new era, and a new style of Technology.

Cloud IT

Software Development

Miracle Technologies Inc. provides a wide range of innovative services including software development, Web designing/development, SEO etc. Experience gained by providing continuous and satisfactory IT services to our valuable customers around the world has resulted us in a sound technical software development Team.

Why Miracle Technologies Inc.

Miracle Technologies Inc. continuously monitors cutting edge technologies so that we can provide the Best IT Services and Support to companies in securing and optimizing their data and computer solutions. We have a complete portfolio of IT Solutions to help drive the effectiveness and profitability of your business. We design proprietary, open source and commercial packages to help clients meet their business goals. We heavily invest all available resources to build lasting relationship with clients. For years now we continue to give our clients the peace of mind and confidence to expect nothing less than perfect results from our IT services each and every time. Our diverse portfolio provides solutions to clients of all sizes and industries.

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About Us

About Us

Miracle Technologies Inc. is a MSP (Managed Services Provider) specializing in tailoring the business-specific solutions to cater every IT Enterprise facet of diversified client base. No wonder, we have been proud trusted technology partner of our clients year after year. Our clients have rated us #1 New York IT Support Team.

Our Vision

Our Vision is that every aspect of the business process will be able to leverage efficiencies by fueling the business with IT evolution. So, we have made sure that our technical excellence, innovative style and superior client service will enable us to keep ahead of our competitors in assisting our clients in realizing these efficiencies.

Our Approach

Quality HR is an asset for any organization. We believe in creating such an atmosphere for our human resource pool that can help them to leverage their full potential in a cohesive and collaborative manner. We realize how pivotal a team effort is, in determining the fate of a project. Client’s requests, support and data security.

Who are Managed IT Service Providers?

Managed IT Service Providers also referred as Managed Service Providers (MSPs), which are groups of professionals who provide Information Technology (IT) services to other companies whose core business is not managing computers and other IT services but rely heavily on all IT related services running in the background. Letting MSPs worry about their IT assets, these companies may enjoy the luxury of concentrating on their core business. This a win-win situation for both clients and MSPs.