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Honeypots improve security

Honeypots improve security

What is the meaning of Honeypot?

Honeypot is a decoy system or server deployed alongside production systems within a network. When deployed as alluring targets for cybercriminals, honeypots can provide additional security monitoring  opportunities you and misdirect the enemy from their actual target. Honeypots can be customized and come in a variety of complexities depending on the need of your business. Honeypots act as a very important line of defense when it comes to flagging attacks early.

In simpler terms, honeypots divert malicious traffic away from vital systems, get a prior warning of a current attack before important systems are hit, and gather information about attackers and their attack procedure.

Types of Honeypots

Basically, there are two types of honeypots: research and production honeypots.

  1. Research honeypots collect information about attacks and are used specifically for studying malicious behavior out in the wild.
  2. Production honeypots, on the other hand, are focused on identifying active compromise on your internal network and tricking the attacker. This is most commonly used today.

Benefits of a Honeypot

Honeypots offer plenty of security benefits to organizations that choose to implement them, including the following:

  1. They slow hackers and break attackers kill chain.

As attackers are always on the move in our environment, they conduct reconnaissance, scan our network, and seek misconfigured and vulnerable devices. At this point, they are likely to trip your honeypot, warning you to investigate and stop hacker access. This allows you to respond before an attacker has the chance to successfully exfiltrate data from your environment. Malicious actors can also spend a significant amount of time trying to work on the honeypot instead of going after areas that have real data. Diverting their attack to a useless system wastes cycles and gives you early warning of an attack in progress.

  • They are straightforward and low maintenance

Honeypots nowadays are not only simple  to download and install, but can also provide precise alerts around dangerous misconfigurations and suspicious activity. In some cases, a  team might even forget that a honeypot was ever deployed until someone starts poking around your internal network. Unlike intrusion detection systems, honeypots do not require known-bad attack signatures and fresh threat intel to be useful.

  • They help you test your incident response processes

Honeypots are a low-cost way to help you increase your security maturity, as they test whether your team knows what to do if a honeypot reveals unexpected activity. Can your team investigate the alert and take appropriate countermeasures?

Honeypots shouldn’t be your entire threat detection strategy, but they are another layer of security that can be helpful in discovering attacks early. They are one of the few methods available to security practitioners to study real-world malicious behavior and catch internal network compromise.

Within production and research honeypots, there are also differing tiers depending on the level of complexity your organization needs. There are also different types of honeypot technology such as malware honeypots, spam honeypots, database honeypots, client honeypots and honeynets.

In recent news fake cheating sites are the latest risk for remote students. When a student accesses one of these sites, it sends their IP address, device information, mouse movement, clicks, and anything they type to Honorlock’s server. An example of Honeypots.

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