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Mobile Phising: A threat by cybercriminals


Mobile phising has doubled within the financial and insurance organizations from 2019 to 2020. Phones, tablets and Chormebooks are under continuous threat by cyberattackers who are on the constant lookout for vulnerable mobile and laptop entry points.

Phising email always look very legit as they contain personal information. They require immediate action and contain multiple hyperlinks. Spear-phising email are made to look like they are from someone you know. Safety standards include limiting what you share on social media and enabling privacy. Social media accounts include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. It is always recommended to not accept friend requests from people you don’t know. Mark such email as spam, or better yet report them. An indicator of a hack is unusually high mobile data and internet usage. Mobile users, that is everyone, should review monthly internet usage trends, uploads and downloads. Internet usage data is available from your service provider. After checking your average you can set limits on usage that will alert you when usage reaches suspicious levels.

Ransomware attacks are most commonly used to gain access to market research data, client financial information (now usually in mobile/phone), investment strategies information and cash or other liquid assets. Almost all mobile phising attempts seek corporate/banking login credentials. According to some findings and threat reports 20% of mobile banking clients have trojanized apps on their phones while sighing in from personal mobile banking accounts, making mobile phising easier.

Attackers use the easiest channel to target individuals mobiles, and that is SMS, third-party messaging platform, social media etc.

More mobile users, more security risks, more mobile phising

The growth in the digital environment is exposing both businesses and their customer’s data to risk, as tablets, chromebooks and phones/mobiles are key in how financial institutions are operating. Financials organizations must focus on modern and sophisticated security technologies and strategies to stay protected from mobile phising attacks. While targeting financial services, hackers have the opportunity to go after both organization workforce and customers. This means security teams have to cover an incredibly broad threat landscape. For that reason, it is never too shocking to see financial businesses listed as one of the most targeted industries. To prevent account fraud and takeover, financial organizations and other businesses must consider how to secure the mobile app experience for their customers, researchers warn. When building consumer apps, security must be integrated from the ground level and then move up. Maximum protection against malware and phising attacks is to implement a true integrated endpoint-to-cloud security solution. Cloud can analyze the potential risk to the device and the user to ensure no malware or unauthorized users gain access to the infrastructure.

Avoid mobile phising and attack attempts

Miracle offers an extensive range of ITServices across cloud data centers management portfolio covering Data Center Operations & Transformation, CloudITServices and Hybrid cloud infrastructures. We offer these next gen security solutions to each of our all different industry clients. Our approach will make your organization more responsive and more agile in keeping up with the competition.Security threats are ever-evolving. So, are the counter security strategies.

  • Security threats are ever-evolving. So, are our counter security strategies.
  • Our NY based fortified managed IT services security shield includes:
    • Enterprise firewalls (Checkpoint, Cisco, PaloAlto, Sonicwall, Fortinet, Watchguard…)
    • IPS (Intrusion Prevention), IDS (Intrusion Detection)
    • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware
    • Email gateways
    • Proxy Servers
    • MFA (Multifactor Authentication) solutions 
  • Our proven IT Support Business Model meets every budget and computer support requirement
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